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Hi everyone, my name is Felix. Welcome to my site about podiatry. When I was regularly running marathons, I would come home with severe damage to my feet. All of the soaking and rubbing did not help my feet heal fast enough. By the time I had to go back to work, I was still hobbling around on the outside of my soles. Luckily, a friend directed me to a highly respected podiatrist in my area. With my doctor’s help, I healed quickly and prevented future foot pain. My site will cover all of the ways podiatrists can help you protect and restore your feet. Thank you for visiting my site.

Five Big Reasons Why You Should Get Orthotics

One of the biggest reasons why patients schedule appointments with podiatrists is to have orthotics custom-made for their feet.

Orthotics account for an irregular footprint and make up for gait problems and other issues that can cause injury and discomfort. It's important to get orthotics when you need them to avoid chronic pain and long term injury. 

The following are five indicators that you need to see a podiatrist to have orthotics designed for your feet.

You're experiencing frequent pain in your feet and heels.

The biggest reason why you should schedule an appointment with a podiatrist to get orthotics made is because you are experiencing pain in your feet and heels.

You should know that pain in your feet in heels is not just a natural consequence of being athletic or of getting old. A pair of orthotics can clear this pain up quickly and drastically augment your quality of life if it's what you need.

Certain areas of your shoes' soles are getting worn out abnormally rapidly.

Shoes are designed for normal feet. If your feet display some irregularities that are causing you discomfort or pain, they could cause normal shoes to become worn out too quickly.

This can cost you money with excessive need for shoe replacements and can detract from your performance at work or when you're participating in sports. 

Orthotics can make your shoes last longer while preventing pain and discomfort for you on an everyday basis.

You're frequently experiencing injuries in your legs.

An irregular gait or improperly shaped foot can leave you more susceptible to injuries in your legs.

If you've been experiencing frequent injuries in your legs for no reason, it could be that you need orthotics to stabilize your legs and prevent you from suffering from injuries like strains, tendonitis, and more.

Your footprint doesn't display a notable C curve.

If you're wondering whether or not you need orthotics, it's a good idea to inspect your own footprint. A footprint should show a clear C curve around your arch.

If your feet are either flat or exhibit an abnormally high or large arch, there won't be a clear C shape to your footprint.

One good way to see what your footprint looks like is to wet your feet in the bath tub and then stand on a paper towel or piece of newspaper. 

Your athletic performance has been deteriorating for unknown reasons.

If you're an athlete, you can't have foot pain getting in the way of your competitive edge. Orthotics can drastically improve your abilities when you're competing in cross-country, track and field, and other team sports like soccer and football.