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Hi everyone, my name is Felix. Welcome to my site about podiatry. When I was regularly running marathons, I would come home with severe damage to my feet. All of the soaking and rubbing did not help my feet heal fast enough. By the time I had to go back to work, I was still hobbling around on the outside of my soles. Luckily, a friend directed me to a highly respected podiatrist in my area. With my doctor’s help, I healed quickly and prevented future foot pain. My site will cover all of the ways podiatrists can help you protect and restore your feet. Thank you for visiting my site.

Pain In Your Toenail? You May Have An Ingrown Toenail

If you are having pain in one of your toenails, this can be caused by many things. One of these things is an ingrown toenail. So you can know what is wrong, below are some symptoms and causes of an ingrown toenail, as well as treatment options available to help you feel better. Symptoms and Causes of Ingrown Toenails The main symptom of an ingrown toenail is pain in your toe. Read More 

3 Tips For Treating Neuropathy

Neuropathy is a condition that causes nerve pain, numbness, and unusual sensations, such as pins, needles, or burning in the affected area. There are several neuropathic pain treatment strategies used to manage the condition and reduce symptoms. Find The Underlying Cause Most people only think of neuropathy as a condition associated with diabetics. Although diabetic neuropathy is a common problem, neuropathy can have other causes. Neuropathy may be the result of chemotherapy. Read More 

Common Shoe Styles That Can Cause Foot Pain And Injury

Although it might seem hard to believe, wearing the wrong type of shoes on a daily basis can lead to a foot injury that could require surgery to repair. You've probably worn shoes that caused foot pain at the end of the day, and if you ignore that pain on a frequent basis, you could be damaging your feet. Here's a look at some shoe problems that contribute to foot pain. Read More 

Five Big Reasons Why You Should Get Orthotics

One of the biggest reasons why patients schedule appointments with podiatrists is to have orthotics custom-made for their feet. Orthotics account for an irregular footprint and make up for gait problems and other issues that can cause injury and discomfort. It's important to get orthotics when you need them to avoid chronic pain and long term injury.  The following are five indicators that you need to see a podiatrist to have orthotics designed for your feet. Read More 

Lipo Limp: Three Ways to Deal With Foot Pain After Liposuction

When you are having a cosmetic procedure such as liposuction, it is important to remember that the body will treat this as trauma. Since the experience of the surgery will be traumatic for your body, you may experience pains that you are not expecting to different parts of the body. One unexpected place that you may see pain after liposuction, especially to your legs and thighs, is in your feet. Here are three ways to deal with foot and heel pain after liposuction. Read More